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Entry Mode Invalid 313 POS Entry mode is less than 01 or greater than 04. HV    Failure HV This means that there was a configuration error when your account was added. Card Not Allowed 228 Merchant cannot accept this card. Contact your First Data representative. have a peek here

Auth Busy - Retry 294 Authorizer not available at this time Auth Error - Retry 297 Authorizer not available at this time Err - Pls Retry 298 Debit authorizer experienced an Invalid Rtng Ind 453 Invalid Routing Indicator field. If your client does not believe their card should have declined, please advise them to call the 1-800 on the back of the card for more information. JCB Not Allowed 443 JCB subscriber number not set up for JCB transactions.

Commonwealth Bank Eftpos Error Codes

All trademarks, service marks and trade names used in this material are the property of their respective owners. This is a declined transaction. The card has been restricted. 64 Original amount incorrect Original amount incorrect. 65 Exceeds withdrawal frequency The allowable number of daily transactions has been exceeded. 66 Call acquirer security Call acquirer

  1. No card record, or invalid/nonexistent to account specified D 305 Already Reversed N/A Transaction previously reversed.
  2. An authorization may still exist on the cardholder’s account. 115 System busy, try again later 116 PayPal Internal error.
  3. Z3 Transaction amount is greater than authorised AMOUNT TOO LARGE Note 1COMMLINK groups the following responses under the generic "05" response 12 - Invalid transaction 13 - Invalid amount 30 -
  4. Note:  This may be the result of either an association rule, or a merchant boarding option.
  5. A value of 0 (zero) indicates that no errors occurred and the transaction was approved.
  6. One or more of the following three failures occurred: An attempt was made to submit a transaction that failed to meet the security settings specified on the PayPal Manager Security Settings
  7. Yes No Do you still have a question?
  8. Have the client call the 800 number on the back of their card for further explanation. 61    Decline    Exceeds issuer withdrawal limit.

For processors that do not support Account Verification, you will receive this RESULT code if you process a $0 transaction. 5 Invalid merchant information. Error Code Short Description Explanation 1000 Unrecoverable error. Contact your merchant bank to obtain an authorization and submit a manual Voice Authorization transaction. 14 Invalid Client Certification ID. Bank Error Bank Reconciliation Please contact technical support to resolve the issue. 92 Invalid Routing Destination not found 12 Invaild Trans Invalid transaction 78 No Account Account not recognized. 21 No Action Taken Unable to

Auth Declined 233 Terminal Type not supported. Bank Error Code 51 Proc Error 15 414 Unable to update terminal file. Invalid Term ID 422 Host couldn't read terminal file within specified time. R1 Stop Recurring Customer requested stop of all recurring payments. 96 System Error System malfunction 03 Term ID Error Invalid Merchant ID 55 Wrong Pin Incorrect PIN N7 CVV2 Mismatch The

Call the 800 number on the back of the card. 43    Hold-call or Pick Up Card Stolen card, merchant to keep. Bank Error In Your Favor Have the customer call the 800 number on the back of the card to determine the issue. 96  System Malfunction Card issuing bank is having a system malfunction and is declining R 353 TransArmor Invalid Token or PAN Fix TransArmor Service encountered a problem converting the given Token or PAN with the given Token Type. Capture for reward The card is listed on the Warning Bulletin.  Merchant may receive reward money by capturing the card. 05 Do not honor.

Bank Error Code 51

Amt Entry Error 305 Amount was less than .01 or greater than 99999.99 or contained non- numeric data. center 232 DECLINED Please call your (Visa, MC, Amex) auth. Commonwealth Bank Eftpos Error Codes Have them call the 800 number on the back of the card and get a force code for the transaction. 65 Decline Activity limit exceeded. Tesco Bank Error Code 042 Inv Input/Use VRU 328 Insurance transaction not from VRU.

Call the 800 number on the back of the card. navigate here This is not an error, but a notice that the transaction is in a review status. D 571 Revocation of Authorization for All Recurring / Installments Cust Cardholder has requested all recurring/installment payments be stopped D 572 Revocation of All Authorizations – Closed Account Cust Cardholder has Your merchant bank account does not support the following credit card type that was submitted. 3 Invalid transaction type. Suntrust Bank Error Code 130

This could be caused by an unrecognized XML tag or a bad XML format that cannot be parsed by the system. 30 Duplicate transaction 31 Error in adding the recurring profile Dscv Not Allowed 428 Merchant not set up for Discover transactions. Try your transaction again. 105 Credit error. Check This Out You are trying to process a tender type such as Discover Card, but you are not set up with your merchant bank to accept this card type. 26 Invalid vendor account

Auth Down-Retry 692 Debit authorizer temporarily unavailable. Bank Error Laws Error is caused by one or more of the following: Invalid Processor information entered. The transaction ID you entered for this transaction is not valid.

DECLINED:1101990001:Invalid account number: Please verify that you are typing in the credit card information correctly and run the transaction again.

Invalid Term No 210 The merchant ID is not valid or active. Invalid Card 302 Mag stripe contains invalid data or account # is greater than 19 digits Invalid Exp Date 303 Card has expired, month was not 01-12 or year was not Invalid Term ID 401 Merchant ID not found in terminal file. Bank Error In Your Favor Saints Row 2 The resolution is to change the Controller Flag to ON. 425 Invalid Function Cash management not allowed for this merchant ID. 426 Rev Not Allowed Host found no batch number matching

Call the 800 number on the back of the card to determine the issue. 05    Decline    Do not honor. CB Not Allowed 432 Merchant not set up for Carte Blanche. The remaining error codes are generated by the host computers in response to errors in the dial-up protocol. http://sovidi.com/bank-error/10-m-bank-error.php Try waiting and then rerunning the transaction. 93    Decline    Violation, cannot complete.

Call the 800 number on the back of the card to determine the issue. 07 Hold-call or Pick Up Card Pick up the card. Decline Code Short Description Explanation 01 Refer to card issuer The merchant must call the issuer before the transaction can be approved. 02 Refer to card issuer, special condition The merchant Tran Not Allowed 451 Requested transaction type is not allowed for this card/merchant. Prod Not On File 231 Merchant attempted a product code that does not exist on host.

center 205 DECLINED INV EXPIRY DATE 206 DECLINED CARD EXPIRED 207 DECLINED INVALID MERCH ID 208 DECLINED INVALID AUTH CODE 216 DECLINED CALL AUTH CENTER 218 DECLINED CALL AUTH CENTER 219 Processor does not recognize your merchant account information. There has been fraud reported on the account. A value greater than zero indicates a decline or an error.

Ref Num Not Found 405 Transaction requested for reversal not found. DC Not Allowed 431 Merchant not set up for Diners Club. Rev Not Allowed 427 Host found no transactions meeting the specifications sent. Failed-Plz Call 435 Debit transaction being sent to an authorizer not set up on host file.

Invalid Exp Date 205 Expiration date is either incorrect format or prior to today. Call the 800 number on the back of the card to determine the issue. 12    Decline - Invalid Transaction Please verify that you are typing in the credit card information Generic decline – No other information is being provided by the Issuer D 304 Not On File Cust. Note: MOP = MC, MD, VI only R 351 TransArmor Service Unavailable Resend TransArmor Service temporarily unavailable.

Proc Error 14 413 Unable to update reference number file. If you see a message to Report the issue, click on the Report Issue message to report it and follow the directions to resolve the error. center 233 DECLINED Please call your (Visa, MC, Amex) auth. Have them call the 800 number on the back of the card to find out why.

Declined - 30002: DECLINED This means that the card holder's credit card company has blocked the transaction. Amount Too Large 421 Maximum return amount exceeded. T0 Approval First check is OK and has been converted T1 Cannot Convert Check is OK but cannot be converted. Note: MOP = MC, MD, VI only R 263 Partial Authorization Not Allowed or Partial Authorization Request Note Valid Fix Action code or division does not allow partial authorizations or partial