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Accurate jitter testing to industry standards Testing with long or short patterns, the most accurate jitter measurement is likely to come from the methodology that uses little or no extrapolation to Tektronix offers powerful tools that allow designers to characterize and test compliance of receiver and transmitter components used in these systems. The option includes the following features: DJ breakdown into Bounded Uncorrelated Jitter (BUJ), Data Dependent Jitter (DDJ), Inter-Symbol Interference (ISI), Duty Cycle Distortion (DCD), and Sub-Rate Jitter (SRJ) 2 including F/2 (or Trigger output BNC Type CLK/64 or pattern Pattern position Programmable Amplitude >1 V A/B pattern switch BNC Threshold TTL Data types Pseudo-random x7 + x6 + 1  x15 + x14 + check my blog

The intuitive user interface provides easy control of all operating parameters. Error mapping based on packet size or multiplexer width can show if errors are more prone to particular locations in the packet or particular bits in the parallel bus connected to Convenient links to the internet, technical support e-mail, and network and printer setup can be accessed as well. Blocking factors can also be determined by external marker signals.

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The pattern editor supports PRBS keywords, repeat loops, and variable assignments. Stressed live data option The BERTScope Stressed Live Data software option enables engineers to add various types of stress to real data traffic in order to stress devices with bit sequences It can also measure and decompose jitter on extremely long patterns, such as PRBS-31, providing that it can first run on a shorter synchronized data pattern. The Live data analysis option requires the Physical layer test option and must be used with a full-rate clock.

Error-free intervals that are repetitive are a sure sign of a systematic error. Specifications are following a 20-minute warm-up period. The best decision level is shown by the cursor. Bit Error Rate Test Equipment CONNECT WITH US THE TESTEQUITY DIFFERENCE QUALITY PRODUCTSWe carry only the best products from top manufacturers.

Auto Scale can find eye center in under two seconds. Most standards requiring jitter measurement specify the use of clock recovery, and exactly which loop bandwidth must be used. Amplitude swings between 0.25 and 2.0 V allowed; should fit inside shaded area of the following graph. Sinusoidal interference Supports full data rate range of BERTScope 100 MHz to 2.5 GHz Adjustable in 100 kHz steps Adjustable from 0 to 400 mV Common mode or differential Available from the rear-panel 50 Ω SMA connector,

Stressed eye option Pattern capture There are several methods for dealing with unknown incoming data. Bit Error Rate Test Set Burst length: A histogram of the number of occurrences of errors of different lengths Error free interval: A histogram of the number of occurrences of different error-free intervals Correlation: A histogram Once accomplished, relevant units on physical layer displays are changed to optical power in dBm, μW, or mW. Clock recovery instrument options Option Description CR125A CR175A CR286A PCIE PCIe PLL analysis (requires jitter spectrum option, operates at 2.5G and 5G only) X X X PCIE8 PCIe PLL analysis (requires

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This can include traffic with idle bits inserted, such as, in systems with clock rate matching. Graphical representation makes jitter analysis more thorough, yet simpler to follow.Optional Digital Pre-emphasis Processor provides user controlled pre-emphasis on pattern generator supplied data.Enables testing with compliant signals for standards like OIF-CEI3.0, Bit Error Rate Tester Agilent It extends BER-based jitter decomposition beyond Dual Dirac measurement of Total Jitter (TJ), Random Jitter (RJ), and Deterministic Jitter (DJ) to a comprehensive set of subcomponents. Bert Bit Error Rate Tester Block error analysis Many popular systems have performance that is more related to block error rates rather than bit error rates.

This display shares the same sampling electronics as the BER function and provides convenient eye diagrams without the need for swapping cables among instruments. click site Errors found in the received sequence can be analyzed in real time by the internal processor and/or recorded to the internal hard disk drive for later analysis or archive. This is easy with the built-in Jitter Tolerance function which automatically steps through a template that you designed, or one of the many standard templates in the library. Compliant measurements are available to you by pairing either of these versatile instruments with your existing investments. Bit Error Rate Test

Pattern sensitivity The Pattern Sensitivity analysis capability is an outstanding way of identifying data-dependent errors. The resulting jitter measurement excludes data-dependent effects, showing only the uncorrelated jitter components such as Random Jitter (RJ), Bounded Uncorrelated Jitter (BUJ), and Periodic Jitter (PJ). Use the built-in calculations for Total Jitter (TJ), Random Jitter (RJ), and Deterministic Jitter (DJ), or easily export the data and use your own favorite jitter model. news Pattern capture Using the Power of Error Analysis – In the following example eye diagram views were linked with BER to identify and solve a design issue in a memory chip

Perform bit error ratio detection more quickly, accurately and thoroughly by bridging eye diagram analysis with BER pattern generation. Bit Error Rate Tester Price Testing interface cards Finally a solution to the age-old problem of making physical layer measurements on high-speed line cards, motherboards, and live traffic – the BERTScope Live Data Analysis option. The BitAlyzer includes a new technology for automatically calibrating the entire variable-delay element with sub-picosecond resolution capability in less than a second.

This example user data pattern was captured from the incoming data stream and then altered manually before being sent to the pattern generator as the output data sequence.

In this mode, single large burst correction capability can be doubled. Seeing a feature that looks out of the ordinary, you are able to place cursors on the item of interest and by simply moving the sampling point of the BERT, use contact us Contact CALL1-800-833-9200Available 6:00 AM – 4:30 PM Pacific CONTACT USEmail us with comments, questions or feedback. Bsa286cl So what does that mean?

The BERTScope removes this gap allowing you to quickly and easily view an eye diagram based on at least two orders of magnitude more data than conventional eyes. By emulating the memory blocks typical of block error correcting codes such as Reed-Solomon architectures, bit error rate data from uncorrected data channels can be passed through hypothetical error correctors to PatternPro PPG Series 12.5 - 40 Gb/s 1, 2, 4 High speed, multi-lane/multi-level patten generation for advanced component characterization and optical datacom system test. More about the author Additionally, the zoom level of the display can be set.

The correlation analysis lets users set a block size as either a fixed number of bits (a data bus width or a packet size), or as an interval defined by an EXPRESS DELIVERYWe have delivery options to help meet your deadlines. User-replaceable Planar Crown® adapter allows change to other connector types Preset logic families LVPECL, LVDS, LVTTL, CML, ECL, SCFL Terminations Variable, –2 to +2 V Presets: +1.5, +1.3, +1, 0, –2 V, AC coupled Also look at pulse/pattern generators for simpler protocols or where fully custom patterns must be generated.

Duration: 1:16 OIF-CEI Active Optical Cable Testing Designing and developing 100G components, modules and systems requires the latest...