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Biometric Error Rate


Security in Computing (4th ed.). As an example, if a group of 100 people use a given door four times per day, it adds up to 400 transactions per day or 2,000 transactions per week. Connell, and R. Retrieved 20 February 2010. |chapter= ignored (help) ^ web article dated 24 February 2015 in planet biometrics entitled "Biometric voter registration launches in Tanzania" accessed 21 January 2016 ^ Gelb, Alan; have a peek at these guys

For example, a study discussed by the International Biometric Group (IBG) was commissioned by an un-named national government office in 2004 to evaluate the accuracy of human decision makers [9]. Wearden, G. (2003). K. Technical term for Internet-like network?

Cost And Error Rates Of Standard Biometrics

Another study of UK citizens found general support for entitlement cards that include the use of biometrics [23], but that issue continues to be very controversial. Unfortunately, this means that should a set of biometric data be compromised, it is compromised forever. One way to compare systems is by error rates. To lower the EER - increasing the system's accuracy - one must improve the system's hardware and its software (the algorithm).

A meaningful operating point for the threshold is decided based on the application requirements, and the FAR versus FRR error rates at that operating point may be quite different. Retrieved 2006-06-11. Garfinkel (Eds.), Security and usability: Designing secure systems that people can use. Equal Error Rate Calculation Feature level fusion is believed to be more effective than the other levels of fusion because the feature set contains richer information about the input biometric data than the matching score

In that case, the system will be more accepted by users because the very low probability for genuine rejection, but at the same time its security decreases. It is clear, then, that any adopter of fingerprint systems will have to consider the time needed to enroll and verify people in the biometric system when they design their services A one percent false reject rate will create 20 problems within one week, which is high given the context of a 100-person group. We also, have 100 users.

Consumers pay with their finger. Equal Error Rate Roc Finding a file starting with '-' dash more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology The fingerprint information could also be stolen from any database where it is stored, or intercepted during network transmission. pp.1–22.

Crossover Error Rate Biometrics

The FAR is normally expressed as a percentage, following the FAR definition this is the percentage of invalid inputs which are incorrectly accepted. UK Passport Service (2005). Cost And Error Rates Of Standard Biometrics Not the answer you're looking for? Equal Error Rate Biometrics If the item is secured with a biometric device, the damage to the owner could be irreversible, and potentially cost more than the secured property.

In that case, the FMR (0.223) is 0.1493 (14,9 %) and it means that almost fifteen percent of impostor attempts to access will be erroneously accepted. More about the author J. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the biometric device does a good job of recognizing the authorized users. The lower this number is, the better the system performs. Fingerprint Biometrics

The lower the equal error rate value, the higher the accuracy of the biometric system. In the third block necessary features are extracted. Proper biometric use is very application dependent. http://sovidi.com/error-rate/biometric-error-rates.php Since I have not found a good venue for it, I am putting it here.

Fingerprint systems tend to provide moderate levels of accuracy and usability. Crossover Error Rate Calculation Click here to subscribe to Security Magazine. Retrieved 1 October 2011. ^ Breckenridge K. (2005). "The Biometric State: The Promise and Peril of Digital Government in the New South Africa".

In our example, suppose the DT is fixed on 0.507 as showed in figure 5.

The enrollment times were also heavily skewed, as is seen in Figure 2, with some participants taking more than 10 minutes to enroll their fingerprints with the system. Failure to Acquire Rate (FTA): the rate at which biometric information is not obtained during use of a biometric system, even though the person was able to previously enroll. In April 2005 NIST reported on a series of authentication tests conducted with a variety of algorithms (provided as Software Development Kits or SDKs) supplied by vendors and research organizations [22]. Biometrix Therefore it is important to focus not only on the ability of the device to deter unauthorized entry but also its ability to let authorized people in.

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Sasse, M.A. (2004).