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Check Irq Error Reading Hdd Sector 16 Failed


jne short .data_rdy .retry: dec ecx jg short .lp1 ; need to wait some more -- loop until BSY clears or ERR sets (error exit if ERR sets) .pior_l: in For Source File choose the appropriate hddss.bin for your drive. Once you are sure you have the right hddss.bin and Starting Sector set, click Ok. If both bytes verify, then the IO ports are read/write ports, and they can be presumed to be ATA controller IO ports.

Reply With Quote 21-05-11,12:30 #4 OP Harcroft View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Blog Entries View Articles Elite Member Join Date Mar 2009 Location Ontario, Canada Posts 262 I When hddhacker says that it can only operate with WD drives, it asks you if you want to retry flashing. This must be set for either LBA28 or LBA48 transfers. The BIOS used the cylinder-head-sector (CHS) address given in the INT 13h call, and transferred it directly to the hardware interface. http://digiex.net/help-center/console-help-center/13094-reading-sector-16-failed.html

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The standard IRQ for the Primary bus is IRQ14, and IRQ15 for the Secondary bus. The Linux partition at the far end of my drive (where sectors are physically smaller closer to center of platters) began failing when my drive on my desktop PC was 3 This page has been accessed 90,542 times. uint16_t 60 & 61 taken as a uint32_t contain the total number of 28 bit LBA addressable sectors on the drive. (If non-zero, the drive supports LBA28.) uint16_t 100 through 103

To write sectors in 48 bit PIO mode, send command "WRITE SECTORS EXT" (0x34), instead. (As before, do not use REP OUTSW when writing.) And remember to do a Cache Flush ii.In the boot menu screen select Diagnostics in the list and hit enter. When I use Dell’s PC Checkup and run a ‘Default Scan’ I get an Overall Result: Failed with 2 Hard drive errors (WHD20-JYC, WHD16-EC5). Hddhackr Seagate I restore my disk with hex workshop and I formated my disk. 9.

Is there a diagnostic testprogramspecific for Seagate HDD's that anyone is aware of? (2) Since Disk Check hasn’t seemed to have fixed the problem, are there any repair processes that I Xbox 360 Seagate Hard Drive Hack Register News Forum New Posts Activity Stream Blogs FAQ Calendar Community Member List Forum Actions Mark Forums Read Quick Links Today's Posts Downloads Guides Get Help Forum Help Center Console Help I then ran a chkdsk/r from Command Prompt (as an administrator). Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

As said above, there are also "temporary bad sectors". How To Format A Seagate Hard Drive For Xbox 360 A fault code of 00 indicates that no problem was found. If you're paranoid (or just extra careful) you can turn it on while creating your undo.bin. Thanks in advance!!!

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The problem was, these diagnostic codes were never really documented all that well. Note on the "magic bits" sent to port 0x1f6: Bit 6 (value = 0x40) is the LBA bit. Use Hitachi Hdd For Xbox 360 Thanks to Mike Rose for erors 129 and 229! Format Hitachi Hard Drive For Xbox 360 That is a common cause of errors. (It is also possible that some hardware / drives will accept Cylinder values as high as 65537.) Converting CHS addressing to LBA is straightforward:

But there is a significant difference, yesterday accidentally flashed a drive hdddhackr on big brother WD. Transfer 256 16-bit values, a uint16_t at a time, into your buffer from I/O port 0x1F0. (In assembler, REP INSW works well for this.) Then loop back to waiting for the The only option I can really choose is Ignore. Bad Sectors For practical purposes, there are three different types of bad sectors on an ATA disk. Xbox 360 Hitachi Hard Drive Flash

Seagate and Western Digital also have diagnostic programs that can do a quick test or extended test (there is DOS version that can be booted from USB). Reply With Quote 27-08-11,00:38 #11 LeeClynch3 View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Blog Entries View Articles Advanced Member Join Date Apr 2010 Posts 164 @palsforpals It Wasn't A Seagate The time now is 02:04 PM. Thanks for the input guys.

jne short .pior_l ; (all other flags are meaningless if BSY is set) test al, 0x21 ; ERR or DF set? Hddhackr Hitachi Many drives require a little time to respond to a "select", and push their status onto the bus. I have went through all the steps you described in the tutorial above, and even went through most of the steps in InsaneNutters tutorial.

An example: Send 0x40 for the "master" or 0x50 for the "slave" to port 0x1F6: outb(0x1F6, 0x40 | (slavebit << 4)) outb (0x1F2, sectorcount high byte) outb (0x1F3, LBA4) outb (0x1F4,

The expectation was that the IRQ handler itself would perform a PIO based data transfer of the next data block, immediately. Have a question or need help? Preempting/Preventing IRQs from firing: If a driver ever reads the Regular Status port after sending a command to a drive, the "response" IRQ may never happen. Hddss.bin 160gb I choose the file undo.bin(3.5kb) that I previously saved.

Temporary bad sectors can happen as a result of unflushed write caches, power spikes, or power failures. Okay, I'm giving up, total clone didn't work again for the second time. I compared the first 22 sectors of both drives in Hex Workshop and they seem identical, Windows still sees the 80JJ5TO as a Western Digital and the XBox doesn't recognize it Sense: Unrecovered read error - auto reallocate failed [ 28.187575] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] CDB: [ 28.187577] Read(10): 28 00 47 c7 b3 38 00 00 08 00 [ 28.187588] end_request: I/O

Reason: seek for undo.bin WD3200BPVT 80JJ5T Reply With Quote 18-06-13,17:38 #36 slingray120 View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Blog Entries View Articles Stayed to Post Join Date Jun 2013 Would that fix it? Your driver always needs to block if the current device is actively modifying BSY/DRQ/ERR, and your device driver always already knows that the device is in that condition (because the driver BIOS detects the drive so I'm assuming thats set up right.

Error Message: The first failing LBA value is 37903309 and the failure occurred afterthe device had been operating for 9698 power-on hours. Reply With Quote 02-12-11,21:37 #18 Rick View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Blog Entries View Articles Moderator Join Date Jul 2010 Location The Matrix Posts 2,917 Blog Entries1 if Am I bricked? However, that feature is non-standard and completely manufacturer-specific.

Thanks for the linkage in your FAQ. uint16_t 88: The bits in the low byte tell you the supported UDMA modes, the upper byte tells you which UDMA mode is active. Do you want to help us debug the posting issues ? < is the place to report it, thanks ! I reapplied the flash with hex workshop. 10.

A jmp $+2 size of delay. I have added a link in the FAQ at the bottom of my tutorial. Several programmers have reported problems making nIEN work. Keep up to date with the latest uploads / threads on my twitter.